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  • Sour Grapes of Wrath
    A weekend at a California winery turns deadly when unexpected guests show up with murder on their minds (For six players).
Sour Grapes of Wrath

The Scenario:

One year ago, Robert Killingsworth bought the farm. Six months later, he was dead - leaving his widow, Elizabeth, to tend to their fledgling winery and vineyard on the outskirts of California's wine country. With mounting debts and no clue as to how to run a business, Elizabeth is desperate to sell the farm and recoup her losses. The fierce drought and shaky economy, however, have left the Killingsworth Farm on the market for far too long.

One early autumn day, six people passed through the gates of Killingsworth Farm to see Elizabeth - one of them, a cold-blooded Killer...

Those Present at Killingsworth Farm:

Michael Nightshade: This real estate developer from New York arrived unannounced with plans to buy Killingsworth Farm and develop it into a low-cost housing community. His boss ordered him to obtain the Killingsworth land at any price…

Dr. Chelsea Barren: After suffering a nervous breakdown, this psychiatrist and best-selling author moved to Northern California to relax… but she moved next door to the Killingsworths instead.

Vicki D'Adly: Elizabeth's estranged sister from New Jersey, she and her husband were traveling on vacation when Vicki decided to drop by Killingsworth Farm for a visit… a surprise visit.

Norman D'Adly: A real estate broker from New Jersey and husband to Vicki, Norman is trying to salvage his job and his marriage while traveling across the country on vacation.

Kathryn Lawless: Best friend to Elizabeth, this local librarian and historian has a flare for the eccentric. She lives down the road with her 15 cats and loves true crime - especially the mysterious, unsolved death of Robert Killingsworth

Enrique Graves: This young drifter wandered onto Killingsworth Farm just as Robert and Elizabeth were moving in. Elizabeth took a liking to Enrique and he has lived on the farm ever since - tending to the fields… among other things.

Which of these people has a secret worth killing for? Come to Killingsworth Farm and find out before it is too late!

Download and print out everything you need to host this murder mystery party game here: Sour Grapes of Wrath

Download includes: Detailed instructions, character background kits, secret clues, invitations, and more... All you need to host an unforgettable murder mystery adventure.

FILE SIZE: 1.08MB; 69 Pages

DATE FILE UPLOADED: Thursday, December, 18, 2003

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Comments on this game:

Steven writes: “I came across your site about a month ago. I downloaded your murder mystery 'Sour Grapes of Wrath' and played it with five of my friends. We had a brilliant time and we couldn't believe that such a good murder mystery was for free.”

Licia writes: “I loved the Sour Grapes of Wrath; my family had a really good time.”

Jessica writes: “A group of my friends enjoy playing a monthly murder mystery that I am the organizer of and I happened on your Whodunit Mysteries Site trying to find something interesting for our next game. We very much enjoyed Sour Grapes of Wrath and we all agree it was the most interesting and well written of any of the games that we have played. We enjoyed how the suspense was drawn out and how much detail was given us to work with while acting out our characters.”