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Everything you need for an evening of mystery, mayhem and MURDER! Download a free murder mystery party game or uncover incriminating clues to catch a killer in an intriguing work of detective fiction. For centuries, this gothic mansion has been shrouded in mystery. Considered by locals to be cursed, Grace Wood Manor sits atop a small hill deep within the Grace Woods of Virginia. Though it is said to currently be empty, Grace Wood Manor's former occupants--from a mad toy maker to unlucky newlyweds--have either turned away from its halls forever... or, as some believe, are doomed to roam them for all eternity. The one link, however, that binds Grace Wood Manor throughout the ages remains the same... MURDER!

Today, Grace Wood Manor is waiting for you. What lies beyond the door is anyone's guess. So I invite you, friend, to don your deerstalker's cap, go inside, and perhaps solve a mystery!